Some luxury golf in Sri Lanka

It is in Hambantota that we find the hotel Shangri La and a nice golf course. The place is a little isolated but you can find tranquillity, sea, sand and sun. Here, we are very far from the commotion of Colombo. .

A  »  18 holes » designed by Rodney Wright

The terrain was beautifully designed and opened in 2016. But it was mainly at the work of the golf manager and his assistant that this course became interesting. These two men had the original idea of growing pineapples on certain areas of the course. I hear there’s at least 15,000 of them. The result is clearly distinctive and refreshing golf.

This is also a paradise for birds.

The course has a length of about 6,000 meters and it is one par 70.

href= » »>We can see the work done from the first holes. The savanna grass has been planted in rough areas and provides a great contrast of color and gives a good definition of the game.

The golf course is very lively with birdsong. You can also see several magnificent peacocks. Players encounter three areas with breathtaking views of the ocean.

There are also large fairways, water bodies and sand pits. Golf rents the equipment.

The Shangri La Hambantota was built on an old coconut plantation.

This luxury hotel has 300 rooms. Hambatota is far from Colombo. The former prime minister wanted to make the area a major tourist centre. An airport has even been built nearby but don’t worry, there are only one or two planes that take off and land every day. The property is situated on 53 hectares. So there is space.

Large and bright rooms

They are very pleasant and the balcony offers a fantastic view of the Indian Ocean. Each bedroom has a polished wooden floor that brings a modern style. The bathroom is spacious and perfectly equipped. The rooms have an area of at least 45 m².

The lucky ones will be able to afford one of the 21 suites with an area of up to 240 m². Customers can be taken to their rooms on board an electric tuk-tuk.

After golf, what if we went to the spa, and if we went to the spa??

After a golf course, what can I say if the hotel offers you a quality spa? Here it is called Chi. The spa provides Ayurvedic treatments with plants and natural products. You will have 12 treatment rooms to choose from. This will give you the opportunity to relax. The hotel also offers three swimming pools. And for those who want to be isolated, they can walk along the long beach of Hambatota.

Food is available throughout the day

The Bojunhala is the restaurant open all day, serving Sri Lankan cuisine and a mix of other kitchens. For breakfast, the buffet includes traditional Sri Lankan specialities, a selection of grilled meats including eggs and toasted bread, cereals and yoghurts, cold meats, cheeses and salads. You will surely go to relax at the Gimanhala, the chicha café of the hotel.

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