Why does India have the most beautiful women in the world ?

For the past 10 years, Indian women had been top-ranked in international beauty contests; far beyond Bollywood, their sumptuous silhouettes appeared more and more often in Western films. Recently, Indian beauties have also taken over the catwalks of fashion shows and the pages of fashion magazines around the world.

Lashmi Menon is the first Indian top model, muse of prestigious luxury brands. Behind her, others, like Vashali, follow in her footsteps. Dozens of young girls who pose for very reasonable rates and whose physique and personality attract the interest of agents and casting directors. The latter sniff the right vein and criss-cross the country in search of tomorrow’s star models.

« Indian women are fine and have a delicate side that make all their charm, explains a Casting manager. They’re really elegant. They have a very beautiful hair well furnished almost like the Mexicans. Fine and delicate features almost purified. And a beautiful grain of skin. Not to mention their beautiful complexion. What is important is not the colour of the skin but its quality« .

There are 600 million women there who make up a fascinating part of Indian culture. While men dress like everywhere else in the world, women, Indian women keep their traditions through their breathtaking clothing. Even in poor environments, they have incredible grace. They always use intense colors, jewelry and henna to cultivate their beauty.

    5 comments for “Why does India have the most beautiful women in the world ?

    1. Indian women are beautiful full stop.
      Graceful, shy, cultured, respectful, intelligent and family oriented.

    2. Imost ndian women are naturally beautitif, very feminine, very sensitive, intelligent, innocent, pure, conservative, fiamiy oriented.

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