Oman air, the royal way of the Sultanate

Oman Air, the national airline of the Sultanate of Oman, began operations from the new passenger terminal of Muscat International Airport on 20 March 2018. All incoming and outgoing flights were transferred from the existing terminal to the new terminal. The opening of the new terminal has been much anticipated and, as a key stakeholder, Oman Air is proud to deploy up to 200 flights per day from this new state-of-the-art terminal today. Tourism in Oman is now stronger.

This new passenger terminal was designed to be a symbol of the modern state of Oman built by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. This hub will significantly boost Oman’s already thriving travel sector, as it will have the capacity to handle 12 million passengers per year, while its runway will accommodate the world’s largest aircraft, the Airbus A380, as well as independent parallel operations.

The airport also has excellent facilities including 6,000 square meters of duty free shops, 96 check-in counters, 8,000 parking spaces and a 90 room hotel with runway views.

The new terminal will allow Oman Air to offer an improved service; the check-in process will be seamless for all customers and Premium Class passengers will have direct access to special check-in in private areas.

Entrance A is reserved for all Business Class passengers and allows Oman Air customers access to the airline’s First and Business Class private lounge.

Entry B is reserved for Oman Air Economy Class customers and entry C is reserved for all Economy Class customers of other airlines.

Once at the airport, specific check-in areas are available for Oman Air Premium Class customers.

First and Business Class clients will be served separately through 12 check-in counters and three supervisor counters. Oman Air will offer high-end concierge services during check-in with dedicated seats and drinks as the check-in process progresses. Finally, a total of 24 other counters are exclusively reserved for Oman Air Economy Class customers.

Oman Air’s First Class and Business customers can enjoy the unique Omani welcome in the elegant Premium Lounge which offers a serene oasis, located above the Muscat Duty Free and next to the Airside Hotel.

The beauty of the interiors created in the salons was influenced by Oman’s unique landscapes. The elegant and quiet environment is enriched by the abundance of natural light that floods the spaces.

The First Class Lounge offers exceptional services, including a personal chef, limousine service from lounges to aircraft and exclusive lounges.

The Business Class lounge offers a wide choice of snacks and full meals, a quiet area, shower rooms, a children’s playground, wireless Internet access and a business centre;

Gold members of Oman Air’s Sindbad loyalty program will also be welcome in the Business Class lounge.

Customers who have already used Oman Air’s existing lounges will be even more impressed by the new facilities;

The opening of the new terminal is long overdue and an important moment in the Sultanate’s history.

Oman Air is confident that this development will enable it to offer its valued customers a new level of service that will certainly exceed their high expectations.

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