New baggage policy at Air Astana

Since yesterday, August 21, Air Astana has introduced a new baggage policy on its flights, available for purchase since August 7, 2019. The checked baggage allowance has thus been changed from a weight-based logic to a piece-meal concept. This new feature applies to all routes.

Piece-meal franchises are used by many airlines, including: Lufthansa, Asiana, Southern China Airways, S7, Aeroflot and many others.

Since August 7, 2019, the selected fare determines the number of checked baggage items. The maximum weight per piece of luggage in Economy Class is 23 kg and in Business Class 32 kg.

A 30 % discount will be applied for any additional baggage, provided that payment is made at least 24 hours before departure.

This new fare schedule for international destinations allows passengers to choose their fare according to their needs.

For example, passengers who travel internationally with only one piece of hand luggage have the option of purchasing a cheaper ticket, without paying for luggage.

Also, passengers can buy additional luggage, without paying for it per additional kilo. Excess baggage, up to 9 kg (the total weight of a piece of baggage must not exceed 32 kg), will be charged at the current excess baggage rate.

The new rules do not apply to hand luggage. The weight of free hand luggage remains the same: 8 kg. Thus, passengers in economy class are entitled to one piece of hand luggage and passengers in business class to two.

In addition to hand luggage, passengers may carry personal items, such as an umbrella or computer, in the cabin at no additional cost.

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