Tunisian tourism puts the package in China

A campaign to promote Tunisian tourism will be launched in China, through Chinese social networks, Weibo, WeChat and others, announced the representative of the Tunisian National Tourism Office (ONTT) in Beijing, Karim Jatlaoui.

He specified in a statement granted to the TAP agency, that it is a video that promotes the destination Tunisia through the story of a young Chinese man who meets, in Tunisia, his compatriot and they decide to tour, together, this North African country.

In September, ONTT launched a second social media campaign, which will continue throughout the year.
In parallel, a guide to the main tourist sites in Tunisia as well as testimonies from celebrities who have visited Tunisia are also part of this campaign, which is part of a three-year promotional strategy (2018-2021).

Jatlaoui recalled in this regard that the number of Chinese tourists who visited Tunisia has changed remarkably during this summer season. This number has reached 18 thousand tourists until August 2018.
He added that the Tunisian authorities expect, by the end of 2018, a number of Chinese tourists ranging from 30 to 35 thousand people, expressing the hope that this number will reach 50 thousand tourists by 2020.

The ONTT representative in Beijing recalled that the visa waiver procedures granted to Chinese since 2017 have encouraged Chinese to visit Tunisia and contributed to its promotion as a privileged tourist destination.

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