Why does Paris still assign Airbnb?

The Paris City Hall has sent Airbnb a summons to appear before the Paris Court of First Instance. The platform for renting tourist furnished accommodation, which has already been challenged in the past, does not comply, according to the municipality, with the new obligations provided for in the Élan. Act.

The Elan Act, which came into force last November, now provides for severe penalties for platforms that publish illegal ads: they risk a fine of 50,000 euros if they exceed the rental threshold of 120 days per year and are liable to a civil fine of 12,500 euros for each ad that does not have a registration number, which is theoretically essential to be able to rent their accommodation.

Thanks to the action of municipal agents, a first job – which remains incomplete – made it possible to identify 1,010 ads without registration numbers and therefore illegal in the districts most severely affected by tourist rental (from 1 to 7 stops, as well as the 18th).

« This « first round of illegal ads » highlights a new drift of platforms that do not respect the law. By asking Airbnb today to pay a fine of 12,650,000 euros, the Paris City Hall is reaffirming its determination to continue the fight against the perverse effects of platforms. It sends a strong signal to Parisians who are suffering the full consequences of their activities: scarcity of housing supply, increase in rents, nuisances of all kinds » indicate AhTop and the GNI together, who welcome this decision « firm and just » of the Paris City Hall.

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