Why do Europeans combine dental care and holidays in Budapest?

Are Europeans condemned to give up dental care ? If our compatriots are reluctant to go to the dentist, it is above all for budgetary reasons: 45% of them consider that they cannot afford it.

The main problem is the cost of prostheses: they are far too expensive for one in three Europeans, and 73% consider that they are very poorly reimbursed… rightly so! Adult orthodontics is not, or almost not, covered by Social Security (it only reimburses care for those under 16 years of age).

For example, dental implants, which cost between 1500 and 4 000 € on average, are not reimbursed at all.

This has led to the growing success of dental care abroad at much more affordable rates (60 % lower on average). In 2015, 25,000 of our compatriots had their teeth treated in another European Union country. Hungary, and Budapest in particular, has established itself as a very popular destination : there, more than half of the customers are not Hungarian.

Up to 70% savings on dental care

As Budapest is part of the European Union, it is possible to benefit from the same reimbursement modalities by the Social Security as for interventions carried out in the rest of Europe.

But above all, the prices of dental clinics in Hungary are much more advantageous

A land of charm

It is no coincidence that Budapest was voted the second most beautiful city in the world by the readers of the prestigious travel magazine Condé News Traveler in 2015 ! « Buda » is an enchanting capital : rich in history and culture, picturesque and lively, it is visited by 3.5 million people every year.

Its castle, Opera House and Parliament are among the most appreciated monuments for their authentic charm.

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