TUI and Expedia on the same line

TUI and Expedia are two different companies. However, they adopt fairly similar strategies to continue to grow today and in the future and especially not to let themselves be overtaken by too embarrassing start-ups. .

TUI launches the services associated with travel.

TUI is not a new company in this field. Today, it currently organizes about 24 million transfers and 4.6 million excursions. But it has decided to make significant progress over the next few years. There are several reasons: new companies offer this type of service and the margins of these offers are high.

Transfers and excursions : a segment that will continue to progress

Not only the number of start-ups continues to grow, but the growth of low-cost companies is also due to the interest of companies in transfers, excursions and various activities.
It can be added that Airbnb was an important trigger in this activity and even created its own offer in 2016 through Trip.

Many specialized companies have emerged

Independent companies include, based in Berlin, which has partnerships with KLM and EasyJet. The site is a successful Italian startup that swallowed, founded by former Google alumni! One can mention, a startup based in Hong Kong.

href= » »>There is also a company created by the lovely Ruzwana Bashir in San Francisco. She was fortunate to have worked at Blackstone Group and Goldman Sachs. The company would have had more than 160 million users by 2016! Or whose young leader is a Dutchman: Matthijs Keij.

The company stated that it markets a market of 1,200 fully customizable tours and activities offered by 900 local hosts in 24 international cities. By 2018, Withlocals will expand to 40 other cities.

It is difficult to give the whole list because the number of companies is so large.

Old specialized companies have all been bought out

Www. Viator. com is surely one of the oldest companies to have offered tours and transfers. It was bought by TripAdvisor. The Japanese which has swallowed a company created by French:

Expedia on its side, preferred to launch its activity  »  tours  » without having to buy back. But the sector believes that the American giant could still afford one of the many specialized companies in the coming months.

TUI wants to organize the market

Fritz Joussen, the CEO, says: »There are many, many local players and small players but we believe that we can organize this market around a platform for the management of this activity « .

To show how important this is, TUI has designated it as an independent segment within the company.
Fritz Joussen also suggested that acquisitions could help further expansion.

Expedia adds event-related ticketing

Www. expedia. com now sells tickets to sporting events, concerts and theatre through a partnership with TicketNetwork.

Tickets can be searched by event type, destination, location, location, team, nearby events or national popular events. Expedia Local Expert therefore adds a rope to its bow to complement the offers of transfers and excursions.

The sale of excursions and activities are rarely offered by travel agencies. Tour operators with their own inbound tour operators know that this is a very lucrative business. In her early days, Marmara offered trips to Turkey at very low prices because she knew that the tour of the gift and carpet shops more than made up for what she lost by selling a package. This segment alone is now estimated at more than 40 billion, r

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