Tourism in Argentina is on its high horse

Argentina is making huge efforts to bring tourists to this gigantic country. It is still an area of 2.7 million km², or 5 times France…

Argentina, a historical record in terms of number of tourists

Last year, Argentina received an estimated 7 million tourists.
With 21 million overnight stays by foreign tourists and 13 million passengers travelling on domestic flights, the historical record has
has been achieved. There are many reasons, such as more air frequencies. But it was an original decision by the government that may have boosted the destination.

Argentina refunds VAT to foreigners staying in hotels

The refund of the 21% VAT paid by foreigners to stay in hotels has made travel to Argentina surely more affordable. It is also a good way to obtain good attendance statistics. Some countries (such as France) could refund all or part of the VAT. This would finally provide slightly more realistic figures for tourists travelling in the country.

Argentina is also the country of skiing….

Certainly many Europeans would never think of going to Argentina to ski. However, there are many ski areas. It should be remembered that in the southern hemisphere the seasons are reversed. So their winter is in July and August.

At only two and a half hours from Mendoza, you can reach the ski slopes. The altitude is between 2580 m and 3,200 m. The powdery slopes offer enormous possibilities for all levels of skiing and snowboarding downhill or cross-country.

If you don’t want to go down to Ushuaia, there are also stations around Bariloche. With more than 120 km of slopes and 600 hectares to discover by ski, Cerro Catedral is one of the most established and extensive ski destinations. There are 39 lifts to allow you to explore more than 50 well-marked trails for all types of skiers.

Argentina is also the range

In the summers (November, December, January), it is very hot among our Argentine friends. The most lively seaside resort is not far from Buenos Aires by car.

Every summer, crowds of international and local tourists go to the sand of Mar del Plata to sunbathe before finding a multitude of chic restaurants and bars at night. It is not the quietest destination if you are looking for silence and tranquility. Many activities such as diving, golf, fishing and sailing can help to escape the crowd.

Brazil moved to second place

Brazil took second place with 6.5 million visitors. Chile also maintained a high level of tourism, mainly due to the movement of Argentines when the exchange rate worked in their favour, with a total of 6.4 million tourists. In addition, Peru and Colombia have seen 4 million people cross their borders. Meanwhile, small Uruguay finished last with 3.7 million travellers.

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