Thailand still raging with rabies

Don’t get me wrong about the title of this article. It is not yet a political issue, although the military in power has planned for democratic elections (hopefully) in early 2019. If we like the country, we have already talked about pollution in Bangkok. This time we have to talk about the rage that is raging in several provinces.

Rage occurs in 13 provinces of Thailand.

Thirteen provinces were declared « red zones of rabies contamination » after the virus spread to several provinces of the country, resulting in three deaths in the last two months. The 13 provinces affected by the rabies virus are Surin, Chon Buri, Sumut Prakan, Chachoengsao, Nan, Buri Ram, Ubon Ratchathaini, Chiang Rai, Rot Et, Songkhla, Rayong, Tak and Sri Sa Ket.
The Department also announced rabies prone areas in 42 other provinces.

Already three rabies-related victims

width=According to the Department of Disease Control, three people reportedly died from rabies virus. According to the authorities, 247 domestic animals have been infected with the virus since January. The number of infected animals would have increased by one and a half times compared to last year. The disease was found in dogs but also cats and cows.

The insouciance of pet ownersAnimation of pet owners

According to a Thai doctor, the main causes of rabies were the carelessness of pet owners who did not vaccinate their pets.

They also let their animals roam freely, which increased the risk of being bitten by rabid animals.

Provide rabies vaccination for long term stay.

Care must be taken with wild and domestic animals when travelling to areas of the world where the disease is prevalent, such as Asia.

Rabies is usually transmitted after a dog bite.

It may occasionally be transmitted through other contact with a rabid animal, such as scratches with skin penetration and bleeding and in cases where the animal has licked an open wound and mucous membranes. If you are planning to spend a long time in Thailand, it is advisable to do the rabies vaccination before leaving.

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