Tahiti the journey of a lifetime

Tahiti remains a magical destination. Some people think about it for their honeymoon. Others promise to go there when they retire. Few islands have a dreamlike and evocative power as strong as Tahiti.

Noticed presence at IFTM 2018

Tahiti Tourisme, represented in France by Aviareps, was accompanied by five local partners (the airline Air Tahiti Nui, the incoming agencies Pacific Experience, Tahiti Tours and Tekura Tahiti Travel, as well as the establishment of Petite Hôtellerie Familiale Fare Maeva). Tahiti and its islands are on the rise on the French market with the arrival of 41,685 tourists from mainland France in 2017, representing a 6.6% increase over the previous year. Metropolitan France remains the 2nd largest issuing market in terms of the number of tourist arrivals with a market share
by 19.4%.

Some essential geographical notions

Although we commonly refer to all the islands as Tahiti, it is actually only one of many islands that make up French Polynesia.

The islands of French Polynesia cover a total area of 3,521 square kilometres, spread over more than 2,000 kilometres of ocean. There are 118 islands in French Polynesia (and many other islets or motus around the atolls).

Six archipelagos make up Tahiti and Polynesia

There are the Society Islands, of which the largest, best known and most populated island is Tahiti. We then find the Marquesas Islands (12 high islands and 1 atoll). Then the Tuamotu archipelago (80 atolls, grouping more than 3,100 islands or islets). There are also the Gambier Islands.

Then come the Southern Islands (5 atolls) and finally the Bass Islands (2 atolls). Among the important islands and atolls, you should remember Bora Bora, Moorea, Maupiti, Tetiaroa, Nuku Hiva…

What is the best time to go to Tahiti?

The month of May to September is the best, avoiding the rainy season. August to October is ideal for whale watching, while
that divers should choose the right months to observe manta rays (September-October) and hammerhead sharks (January-February) in the Tuamotu Islands.

But why go to Tahiti instead of the Maldives

We often hesitate between choosing the Maldives over Polynesia.
It is clear that for the Maldives, you will go to one of the small islands on a seaside resort for most of your stay. You will meet tourists from China, Russia, India, Korea and of course many Europeans. From Tahiti, you will have the opportunity to discover several islands, a real folklore and gastronomy. The main customers are Americans, Australians, New Zealanders and many French people.

Surfing in Tahiti ?

Tahiti is known for surfing on high waves, ready to challenge the world’s greatest surfers. Teahupoo is considered the most dangerous fracture in the world because of its size, strength, power and, of course, its razor-shaped reef below.

Don’t worry, if you’re not a surfer, you can always take a tourist boat to see this incredible power of nature.

The blower hole before going to see the cascades

The hole of the Arahoho Blower, is one of the spectacles of this rocky coast with basalt flows that enter the sea. Arahohoho, which in Tahitian means « the howling road », always surprises visitors with the breath and force of the waves in the rocks.

After hearing the screams of the blower’s hole, you will want to see the three waterfalls of Fararumai in the village of Tiarei.

It’s 17 km northwest of Papeete. After a ten-minute walk, the three waterfalls are discovered at the bottom of the small Tiarei valley.

Along the walk the visitor can enjoy the vegetation of Tahiti: banana trees, coconut trees, mango trees, guava trees…

In a next article, we will continue our walk and we will talk about the legends and other islands of this beautiful Polynesia.

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