Singapore, the next world capital of art ?

You don’t believe it? You’d be wrong. The image of a city is sometimes misleading. You think you have seen Singapore as a modern city with large buildings as far as the eye can see. You remember being amazed at a huge hotel-casino with over 2,000 rooms. You’ve learned of a vast amusement park in the air. You smiled when you saw the many strict regulations. But did you know that the city-state holds artistic treasures ranging from beautiful art galleries to world-class national museums?

The « National Gallery »: the meeting of two buildings from the colonial era.

In contrast to new museums built around the world, Singapore’s « National Gallery » was designed from two buildings that embodied the colonial era. One had served as Supreme Court and the other as City Hall.

These neoclassical buildings with a very English spirit have become the largest art museum in Southeast Asia.

French at work to design the  »  National Gallery »

Jean François Milou’s architecture firm was selected to respond to the project’s problematic.

The architect and his team are known in France for the construction or rehabilitation of numerous works such as the new Tile of the Temple in Paris. For the « National Gallery », they transformed the street that separated the two buildings into a beautiful reception hall.

The roof is covered with a delicate membrane that expands to form an elegant awning covering the new entrance area.

The interior has been entirely restored from the original furniture, including the bench of the defendants and the judge’s chair, to the gigantic halls where a rich selection of works of art can be exhibited.

Singapore’s « National Gallery »: Works and exhibits

Singapore’s « National Gallery » presents more than 8000 pieces from the national collection, making it one of the largest museums of modern art in Southeast Asia.

There is a complete representation of Singapore’s art, including paintings and works by major local artists including Georgette Chen, Chen Chong Swee, Chen Wen Hsi, Cheong Soo Pieng and Liu Kang.

The museum also features the greatest artists from South Asia. Temporary exhibitions are also organised. It’s up to you to discover :

From many art galleries in SingaporeSingapore

The city now has a plethora of galleries that accompany the enthusiasm of the inhabitants and visitors, art lovers.   Art Plural Gallery « occupies an Art Deco space on four levels of exhibition.

There are many international artists, including for example the French sculptor Bernard Venet.

You may visit the « Gillman Barracks » gallery. Its originality is to be located in a former military barracks dating from 1936. In this same barracks, you can discover the Yavuz Gallery whose owner comes to us from Turkey. He exhibits contemporary artists.

Our Love at first sight: Art Porters

Art Porters is conveniently located in a very picturesque street in Singapore at 64 Spottiswoode Park Road in a beautiful « shop house ».

A Parisian art collector, Guillaume Lévy-Lambert (photo), opened his gallery with his associate Sean Soh.

The gallery features a variety of art at affordable prices. Throughout the seasons, drawings, paintings and sculptures can be discovered.

The welcome is lovely. If Singapore is not yet addicted to « street art », you can discover a mural behind the gallery.

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