Shanghai will organize an international tourism festival

Shanghai will organize an international tourism festival from September 15, announced Thursday the organizers.

This year, 28 overseas show troupes confirmed their participation in the opening parade of the festival, which will take place on September 15. Among them, twelve troops are from countries and regions along the « Belt and Road ». Artists from Ecuador and Peru will participate in the event for the first time.

As part of the celebration of the China-EU Tourism Year and the China-Canada Tourism Year, tanks representing the EU and Quebec in Canada will make their debut in the parade.

Over 70 tourist destinations will offer discounts on tickets during the first week of the festival.

The three-week festival will feature over 70 special events, some designed for overseas travelers.

The Shanghai Tourism Festival has been held annually since 1999. The 2017 edition attracted over 12 million visitors.

Festival organizers expect more international visitors this year as the city will also host the International China Import Fair in November.

The festival will run until October 6 and Shanghai will open several tourist service centers in international airports and ports.

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