Sabre raises the level

The GDS Sabre has been certified as a level 3 NDC technology supplier by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Achieving this goal less than two months after attaining Level 2 demonstrates Sabre’s commitment to lead the evolution of sales and distribution technologies.

By granting it Level 3 under the NDC certification program, IATA acknowledges that Sabre supports deployments using bid and purchase order management messages with schemas that conform to the standard NDC message schema.

Sabre has demonstrated its ability to provide a wide range of distribution functionality to different vendors, including end-to-end offering, order processing and service.

In addition to the ability to create and customize offers, Level 3 certification means that Sabre is now able to process and track these orders throughout the process, on both direct and indirect channels.

An important element is to verify the integrity of bids and to ensure that the order management system can accurately execute bids according to the rules of the original bid.

In addition, it is Sabre’s dominant position at the centre of the travel industry that allows it to take advantage of data from different sources, enhancing the integrity and processing of offers. In the coming months, Sabre will be actively working on the deployment of these functionalities thanks to a close collaboration with its customers.

This is a significant step forward in our NDC air product distribution strategy and demonstrates our influence on every step of the ordering and processing process, »said Dave Shirk, president of Sabre Airline Solutions.

But level 3 is only one step in the process of constant innovation and adaptation to this evolving market, and we are now focused on building these new capabilities as part of our drive to achieve an end-to-end product and a service-based distribution solution.  »

Sabre is also certified as a Level 1 NDC aggregator, and its roadmap plans to reach Level 3 this year.


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