Outdoor Tourism Office « Yen ko Kwahu Festival »

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has declared September as Tourism Month.

The president of the Kwahu Professionals Network (KPN), Davis Opoku Ansah, urged tourism investors to travel to Kwahu in the eastern region to explore the region’s untapped tourism potential.

« Kwahu presents the authentic experience of local culture and traditions and some natural tourist sites such as waterfalls, caves and several fortresses, given its status as Ghana’s highest habitable elevation, » said Mr. Opoku Ansah, at a press conference organized by the Ghanaian Tourism Authority will organize the festival « Yen Ko Kwahu » in the open air.

The Yen ko Kwahu festival will take place from 20 to 23 September.
This event was also used to declare September as Tourism Month.

Mr. Ansah said: « Kwahu’s culture and diversity make it a country of unlimited opportunity. Each city has a lot to offer in terms of heritage, architecture and experience. Kwahu’s tourism potential is enormous, and we urge tourism investors to explore.  »
He invited investors, the international community and Ghanaians to consider Kwahu as their tourist destination.

Regarding some notable tourist sites, Mr. Ansah said: « We have Bruku Rock in Tafo, the caves in Twenedurase and a thousand steps in Obo.
« These sites and many others are attractive and leave unforgettable memories for visitors, » he added.
The president also said that Kwahu residents are now investing heavily in the hospitality industry. « We have Rock City, a hotel with six hundred rooms and the largest discotheque in Africa.

Ekow Sampson, Deputy General Manager of the Greater Toronto Area, urged Ghanaians to sponsor a series of activities dedicated to this celebration.
« September has been recognized as Tourism Month by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as a month of using tourism to create jobs, » said Mr. Sampson.

According to him, World Tourism Day will be held in Kumasi, Ashanti region, from 25 to 27 September, while a corporate paragliding festival will also be held between 26 and 29 September.

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