How to apply make up on black skin on holiday ?

Black women have no reason to lighten their skin anymore. A range of make-up made especially for black skin is on the market: BLACK’ UP. This brand organised a make-up party for black women. This party brought together women and a professional who works for Lauriane.

The main concern is making yourself up all the while remaining natural. Emphasize our eyes and our lips with spunky red lipstick. And as underlines the BLACK UP expert «colours come out magnificently on darker skins», so dare to try dark colours !

make up 2Whoops, some of us have make-up that is out-of- date by months or even years ! What a disaster ! For mascaras, it depends on whether the smell has remained the same or not. A mascara is never viable for more than 6 months.

Your make-up is mainly picked from your taste and your budget but does require your attention in terms of quality. It is not asked that you spend all your money on certain brands. You just need to try the products first so that you don’t make a mistake. Tests always allow you to make a good choice, advice is also of big help.

For dark black skin, it is important to choose the GOOD foundation. Darker black skin tends to be particularly dry and requires moisturising.

The foundation

To have a perfect complexion, it is essential to choose a product containing moisturising assets, aloe vera, vitamin E and camomile. Why? As it has already been said: your skin is particularly dry and requires litres of water. The True Colors foundation brush is going to allow you to unify your skin, to hide imperfections and to bring, as a bonus, the necessary moisturising for the skin.

make up 3What colour of foundation for a black skin or dark black skin ?

It is primordial to choose the good foundation colour. For medium to dark black skins, the colour of the foundation should not be darker than the skin otherwise you risk tarnishing your complexion. On the contrary, you should go for a slightly lighter colour to make it shine.

The matte base

After applying the foundation, it is time for the matte base to be applied to your T zone (forehead, nose and chin) which will absorb shininess. If you have dry skin, it is very important to respect the order: first the foundation then the matte base.

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