In Madagascar, the e-Visa is now available to tourists

Announced more than two years ago, the electronic visa for entry to the island is now available online. A long-standing project of the Malagasy authorities, the electronic visa is now a reality accessible online to tourists from all countries.

More than two years after the initial announcement, tourists, especially French tourists, can now request their non-immigrant e-Visa on the government website: in addition to the possibilities of obtaining it at the embassy before departure or on arrival in the country where it is already issued, since last year, in electronic format.

On the official website, the Malagasy authorities offer a very simple questionnaire, which goes straight to the point, requesting passport information, the type of visa desired, the dates of the stay and the airport of arrival. Please note that the request can be made up to six months before arrival in the country.

Concerning the types of visas, only tourists can, for the moment, use the online interface for their stay of 30, 60 or 90 days. Please note that the e-Visa starts on the desired arrival date and is completed online for the duration of the visa requested.

The eligible entry points online are as follows:

Tananarive International Airport (Antananarivo-Ivato)
Toamasina Ambalamasy Airport
Tulear Airport
Sainte Marie Airport
Nosy Be Fascene International Airport
Majunga Airport (Mahajanga)
Fort Dauphin Airport
Antsiranana Airport (Arrachart).

As soon as the request is finalized, the Malagasy Administration announces a 48- to 72-hour processing time to receive the landing authorization by e-mail, a document that must be printed or saved on your smartphone, in order to present it upon arrival at the e-Visa counter accompanied by a valid passport, at least 6 months and containing at least two blank pages.

In terms of fees, the electronic tourist visa is paid on arrival at the e-Visa counter and costs:

35,00€ for a single entry visa for 30 days
40,00€ for a single entry visa for 60 days
50,00€ for a single entry visa for 90 days

In comparison, visas obtained at the Parisian embassy before departure cost 27,00€, 33,00€ or 46,00€ respectively.

The prices of the visa obtained on arrival, without using the e-Visa box, are set at the same rates as the online electronic visa, namely: €35.00 for 30 days and €40.00 for 60 days, the 90-day visa being no longer issued directly on arrival.

To present the specificities of its online system, the Malagasy authorities indicate that it allows « to check in each passenger on a centralized database, a traceability of any payment of visa fees as well as a control of travel documents and mobility on the territory and then a secure electronic sticker issue« .

They specify that the purpose of setting up such a system is to « fluidify the points of entry, secure the territory and passengers and then provide reliable and consistent information and statistics on immigration« .

For further information or clarification on visa issues, Actions-Visa can be contacted at

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