IBM launches innovative AI-based travel technology

IBM and TravelPort, two major companies, recently announced a new partnership. Companies are joining forces to launch the first AI travel platform that will intelligently manage corporate travel expenses. TravelPort, which is one of the leading travel trade platforms, presented IBM Travel Manager.

This platform will use artificial intelligence to help people who need to manage their expenses when travelling. It will be created and delivered by IBM Cloud, which will leverage IBM Watson’s capabilities to intelligently track, manage and forecast travel costs. This can be huge to change the way companies currently plan their trips.

IBM Watson, a tool with multiple applications
One of the tools that will be used as part of this partnership is IBM Watson, which is expected to give companies a significant technological advantage. The travel manager created by IBM uses this tool and will provide services using IBM Cloud.

Awarded since 2011, this technology has mainly been used in medical centres and similar facilities, but it also offers a wide range of applications related to artificial intelligence, including natural language processing, speech recognition and business analysis.

IBM Travel Manager
The main product will be IBM Travel Manager, which will be developed using IBM Watson. With this new program, you will be able to create alerts and notifications, predictive and predefined analysis of spending trends, and natural language understanding to analyze and reveal information from the data.

While all this is important, the main advantage of the product is that it will be used to access compartmentalized information and give users more access to certain elements that they simply would not have been able to access without the help of a tool like this.

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