How to stay glamorous during your holidays ?

We start our day off quietly by going to the market to buy some fresh fruit and vegetables. The perfect opportunity to take out your printed trousers before it gets too hot: you wear them with a basic black marcel and a sleeveless bike jacket for the rock side. And above all, you don’t forget your shopping bag so that you don’t have to carry plastic bags, which are not very ecological.

One avoids the beach at the times when the sun shines hardest and one can take advantage of it to discover the tourist attractions of the area, to stay in the cool of a medieval castle or a shady historical town centre. This is the moment when you bet on comfort and coolness, in mini denim shorts and top tie and dye. We still think of the hat to avoid the sunstroke and we stay flat in small flowery tennis courts.

No, a beach look doesn’t just consist of a swimsuit: a large beach bag is essential to keep your iPod and your book dry and safe from the sand, as well as a beach dress is essential to stay chic when you’re going to eat ice cream on the pier. This hooked version in the trends of the season will be perfect for that, and will cultivate your diva look of the coast.

You put away your afternoon nude feet and switch to compensated sandals to raise the sexyness level of your look in preparation for a romantic dinner. We put on a strong print, like the Aztec motif, which we mix in a black and yellow outfit, without forgetting the round glasses, the coolest of the summer, to wear to watch the sunset at two.

We create an ultra glamorous look to dance with friends until the end of the night: the short, tight dress is appropriate, but we choose it with a floral print to stay summer and fresh, and we rely on a colorful accessorization with golden tips to enhance this beautiful tan that we spent part of the day perfecting.

There are lipsticks on which it is noted that they can last a long time on your lips. They are not contradicted, but you should know that a lipstick that is rushed does not last. All you need to do is sip a cup of coffee and it disappears.

To make it last all day, apply a foundation to your lips. Take a pencil and outline your lips and put it on your lips. Apply your lipstick, with a brush, add gloss to stay glamorous. Remember to moisturize your lips every night, for example with a balm that will prevent you from having dry lips.

As far as your hair is concerned, you can’t go to the hairdresser every day, first of all, time is running out and then the financial means are not there. If you’re tired of always coming home from work with a scrunchie instead of the morning hairstyle, take note of these tips. First, wash your hair with a shampoo that matches your hair type. Take a small amount of this shampoo and wash your hair. Dry them with a towel and do not squeeze them too hard. Use a brush to comb them well, a hairspray and let them cool down before going to the hairstyle.

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