Finding love on holiday : Fantasy or reality ?

For singles who are worried about Valentine’s Day, rest assured, the cupid’s arrow can touch both at home and abroad. 27% of international travellers have already found love during a stay.

A not insignificant figure that reveals that holidays are sometimes conducive to finding the one you love! reveals the trends of love on holiday through a global study conducted by edreams

A disparity of nationalities and gender in the search for love

When it comes to love on holiday, not everyone is on the same page. Indeed, on an international scale, men declare themselves more inclined to find love on holiday than women.

Figures are better than a speech

29 % of men hope to find love on holiday compared to 19 % of women
33 % of men have already found love on holiday compared to 22 % of women
13 % of men stayed more than a year in contact with a person they met on holiday compared to 7 % of women.

As for the French, they are not the most fond of romantic encounters on holiday, even if they are still in 4th position on an international scale. In the leading group we find ourselves:

1. The Portuguese,
2. The Americans,
3. The Italians

Since there is sometimes a gap between hope, expectation and fulfilment, it is a European podium that nevertheless claims to have found love on holiday!

1. Spaniards,
2. Italians,
3. Germans

Meetings between sea and land

Even if an encounter can take place anywhere, and it is precisely this unexpected dimension that spices things up, there are still some trends that stand out.

The beach seems to be the most suitable place for a first exchange, according to the people surveyed. An idyllic setting that certainly leans into the balance!

The meeting in a restaurant or bar comes in second place. The tongues are loosening and discussions over a dish or a glass certainly facilitate the discussion !
Finally, the hotel, a meeting place and therefore a meeting place par excellence, is on the 3rd step of the podium of the preferred places for a first contact.

Meeting places that can be summed up as a straw fire or a real fire that lasts for a long time ?

Finding love on holiday is not necessarily synonymous with a love affair during your stay. Indeed, 18 % of the people surveyed said they had been in a relationship for more than a year with a person they met on holiday.

Increased self-confidence or assertive complexes ?

Holidays are often about letting go. This is why 32% of people feel more attractive on holiday, according to these criteria:

1. More time to take care of yourself,
2. Away from everyday life,
3. The tanning


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