China : The festival of Yulin loves dog meat !

Every year this festival generates international indignation. Thousands of dogs and cats are savagely killed for the gustatory pleasure of ignorant people. However, a new generation of Chinese are currently fighting against this savagery.

We want to join this initiative: #stopyulin

This festival is reported worldwide as well as in China. In 2010 it was the center of several debates and actions by animal right activists, who campaigned for its cancellation, particularly after Jinhua Hutou, a similar festival, was closed down. Protesters come from all over the world.

festival de Yulin-2« Change. org » is the petition which has gotten the most votes to end this barbarism. Protests are also growing in China. Animal right activists have not given up on this fight even though the festival will unfortunately take place.

The festival of Yulin happened despite millions of protests

The dog meat festival of Yulin, located in the city of Yulin in the province of Guangxi in China, is a festival which takes place June 21st and is devoted to dog and cat meat. It dates back to the year 901.

During the preparations of the festival, several thousands of dogs and cats are to be slaughtered for the occasion. At least 10 000 dogs are to be slaughtered in a very often savage way for the pleasure of many viewers who believe this feast to be virtuous.

The dogs wait in cages before being slaughtered

The restauranteurs maintain that eating dog’s meat is traditional during the summer. According to them, dog’s meat is delicate and nutritious. According to amateurs, it is about ancient tradition. But animal right activists add that the festival has no cultural value.

festival de Yulin-3It’s a purely commercial invention

Fortunately, the consumption of dog’s meat is going down. « Ten years ago, it was common to see dogs killed for their meat in the suburbs of Beijing» Peter Li points out to the Humane Society International. «Today, it is something that is seldom seen».

In Guangzhou, a city well-known for its exotic food, a dog meat restaurant which had been opened for the past 51 years has recently closed.

Chinese activists are trying to buy the dogs back

Animal right activists travel thousands of kilometres to try to save these animals from the slaughter houses. When one see pictures of these animals locked up in small cages, their pain is felt.

South Korea is also concerned by dog meat consumption. There a quite a few videos and pictures !

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