Swimming next to a whale shark, a travel idea for this winter

In the middle of winter, far from the cold, find yourself with a mask and snorkel with whale sharks in the turquoise waters of the Gulf of California, one of the many possible activities with an experienced guide during your stay in Baja California.

At nearly fifteen meters long and weighing more than twelve tons, the whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is the largest fish in the world. Devoid of any aggressiveness towards man, this giant of the seas is perfectly harmless and can easily be approached and followed while ensuring the charter recommended by your guide to respect this protected species.

Baja California, an incredible region of Mexico, little known to travellers

This tongue of land stretching over 1300 km, from Tijuana in the North to Los Cabos in the South, is accessible by a single road, the Transpéninsulaire, which runs for a total of 1700 km. It allows you to discover spectacular sierras sometimes reaching more than 3000 metres in altitude and immense deserts sheltering a succession of preserved and protected wilderness areas, vertiginous canyons and countless winding tracks bordered by giant cacti.


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