How to cope with technological advances and stimulate innovation in the travel industry ?

The travel sector, like all other sectors, is being disrupted by new technologies and by a number of factors. growing number of start-ups offering more and more personalised offers. Mobile applications are today an essential tool for travel professionals. Moreover, these technologies
allow customers to easily book their plane or train tickets.

The objective of the players in the sector is to use their technological expertise as well as their knowledge in data to create new tools and provide a better customer experience. Big data and artificial intelligence advance innovation.

Artificial intelligence opens the way
Voice technology, made possible by artificial intelligence, is here to stay. With the advent of PDAs, such as Google Man and Alexa, consumers will be more comfortable interacting with PDAs.
Artificial intelligence is a real innovation. For the travel industry, this means that RNs are trained with huge amounts of data, to provide contextual information to customers. It’s an interesting alternative for those who use the train and coach. The integration of artificial intelligence will be essential to enhance the user experience.

Follow the latest trends
The question to ask is how to stay ahead of the competition, both in terms of technical than commercial?
Travel professionals offer innovative tools to holidaymakers. We can thus find solutions that make it possible to predict train ticket prices.
Customer data can be analyzed in a more relevant way. This makes it easier to customize offers. For travellers, this is a major advantage. Indeed, they can organize and determine the right time to leave. To foster innovation in the sector of travel, actors must exploit the potential of new technologies.

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