USA : towards an almost total closure of airspace ?

Major US airlines are currently developing plans for the eventual closure of virtually all passenger flights in the United States. In fact, it is all movements and the entire U.S. air traffic control system that is expected to come to a halt because of the coronavirus.

It seems, however, that the White House has not yet made this historic decision regarding air traffic in the United States. As airlines strive to fly their planes with a minimum of passengers, several options are being considered, report the American media.

Airline executives, pilots’ unions and federal transportation officials have said they are increasingly considering sharply reducing operations. Already, passenger numbers have dropped dramatically.

U.S. airlines have already stopped the vast majority of international flights and announced plans to reduce domestic flights by up to 40 per cent.

The Transportation Security Administration reported that passenger flows at its checkpoints were down more than 80 per cent last Sunday compared to the same day last year.

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