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The most beautiful women in Africa are in Nigeria, aren’t they?

Fertile land as far as the eye can see and a subsoil filled with the world’s most precious minerals. All this is in Nigeria and that is one of the reasons why nigeria is so much in demand. But that’s not all. In Nigeria there are also beautiful women, some of the most beautiful women in Africa and certainly among the most beautiful women in the world.

Although Nigeria is the leading economic power on the African continent in 2016, and the 27th in the world (GDP) according to the World Bank, which earned it the nickname « Giant of Africa », there is no doubt that this country has an unparalleled additional wealth with these miriades of beautiful girls on the streets of the city.

Believe me, if you ever visit a nightclub in Nigeria’s capital Abuja, or Lagos, the country’s largest city, you will have trouble choosing a girl to spend the night with. This is one of the reasons why most Nigerian men do not like to travel.

There are so many beautiful girls in Nigeria, so why should they travel abroad?

This African country has so many sexy, beautiful, black girls who will certainly teach you how to speak English and make you happy.

If you want to have bilingual children, a Nigerian girl will be perfect for women.

Some fashion icons in Nigeria

Deola Sagoe

One of the big names in the Nigerian fashion industry, Deola is a designer with a career spanning more than 25 years.

The internationally renowned designer has enabled Nigeria to stand out by promoting African fashion and winning numerous awards such as the MNET/ Anglo Gold African designs 2000 awards for which she was nominated by Leon Tally, one of the former editors of the US Vogue.

Bola Balogun

Bola, who grew up in the United States, began his career as a designer for publications and public figures in New York before returning to Nigeria in 2005.

She was a pioneer in fashion design and now heads Glam Brand Agency, an agency specialising in brand strategy and public relations for luxury brands in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry with clients such as L’Oreal Nigeria, Gemey Maybelline and Dark & Lovely.