The good taste of tourism in Buenos Aires

The culinary scene in Buenos Aires is still as dynamic and renowned as ever. The combination of its multiple cultural influences and Creole traditions makes it a high gastronomic centre in constant evolution. Grills, historical cafés, bodegones remain the must-see in Argentina’s capital, but today it holds many new gourmet treasures…

As the great gastronomic events of autumn (and spring for Argentines) approach, the City Tourist Office unveils its must-see attractions, its events, but also its new trends and addresses to discover… with little moderation!

Argentine cuisine is much more than just beef or coffee. There is something for all palates, all cultures, all budgets:

A real Kosher trend

Today, Judeo-Argentine cuisine is bursting into the capital.

With a Jewish population of approximately 250,000, Buenos Aires is home to the second largest Jewish community in the Americas after New York.
Among the city’s various restaurants, it is those of Chef Tomás Kalika, Mishiguene and Fayer, who stood out in 2018. They have seduced his clients through his work of merging Jewish cuisine with Argentine cooking techniques.

To learn more about good Kosher addresses: Buenos Aires Kosher Programme

Or the Vegetarian / Vegan trend

Argentina is recognized as one of the world’s largest beef consuming and exporting countries. However, the vegetarian trend is becoming very popular and trendy.

The Argentine government even introduced vegan Mondays or « Meatless Mondays » last year, led by Chief Dante Liporace at Casa Rosada.

Other essential addresses:

Bio Restaurant: restaurant renowned for its creative organic and vegetarian menu.
The Veggie Burger Club: itinerant truck often spotted in festivals or at the Plaza de Mayo

These trends are obviously found among many others: halal restaurants, Armenian, Japanese, Indian… All these culinary traditions make Buenos Aires, « a city for all curious and gourmet travellers »!

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