Regent Seven Seas Cruises Will Enhance Guest Experience and Environmental Commitment By Serving Vero Still And Sparkling Water

Regent Seven Seas Cruises® today announced it will serve guests prestigious Vero Still and Sparkling water fleetwide starting this spring. Vero is the gold-standard on-premise water purification system in luxury hotels, resorts and Michelin starred restaurants worldwide, using a proprietary five-stage Nano-Filtration process to reduce impurities, chemicals and imperfections – resulting in a perfectly refreshing and smooth taste.

The transition from traditional bottled water to premium Vero Still and Sparkling water will eliminate approximately two million plastic bottles annually across the cruise line’s fleet while improving the taste of complimentary still and sparkling water that Regent guests enjoy. Vero’s on-board purification and filling process will enable the cruise line to purify, chill and serve in Vero luxury glass bottles still and sparkling water on all its ships. Vero Water is a sustainable alternative to traditional bottled water, eliminating single-use plastic bottles on all Regent voyages and reducing carbon emissions every time it’s served.

Regent is committed to providing an unrivalled experience that includes serving our guests the very best tasting water on their voyage,” said Jason Montague, president and chief executive officer of Regent Seven Seas Cruises. “In addition, the Vero water purification system helps reduce our carbon footprint and sustains our beautiful natural resources.”

As part of its Sail & Sustain environmental programme, Regent will be the first luxury ocean cruise line to eliminate single-use plastic bottles. The cruise line recently eliminated single-use plastic straws.

We are delighted to be a part of the preeminent luxury guest experience on board Regent Seven Seas Cruises,” said David Deshe, Vero Water founder and president. “It’s truly a privilege to partner with a world leader in luxury cruising and an organisation that is committed to pioneering environmental stewardship in the travel industry. Working together, we anticipate preventing millions of single-use plastic bottles from ever being produced, shipped and ultimately ending up polluting the environment.

Vero Water service will be implemented in two phases during the coming year. Phase One focuses on implementing the onboard water service in suites, restaurants, lounges and bars on board Seven Seas Voyager (by April 5), Seven Seas Explorer (by April 8), Seven Seas Mariner (by June 5) and Seven Seas Navigator (by June 18).

In Phase Two, guests will be provided with their own eco-friendly reusable Vero Water bottle which will be theirs to use for on-shore experiences during the cruise and to take home after the voyage.

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