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Omega Beach : one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean

Voidokilia Beach, nicknamed Omega Beach, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Its perfect shape, as drawn on the compass, recalls the Greek letter Omega and captivates visitors with its natural beauty. Located in Greece a few minutes from Costa Navarino in Messinia, this beach, hidden behind sand dunes, is preserved as a secret.

Turquoise water, fine, crystalline sand, surrounding hills covered with olive trees. This unique beach is a jewel of the Peloponnesus region for its ecosystem and history.

The bay sheltered from the wind is mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey. Archaeologists assume that Omega Beach was the port used by King Nestor in ancient Greece.

The Voidokilia region is classified and protected by the Greek government for its geological formation and archaeological interest.

Next to this beach is the Gialova lagoon, which is home to many bird species and whose coastline and wetlands are part of the European nature conservation programme under Natura 2000.