Maldives reaches the fund

Go to know if the Maldives are preparing to be drowned by the waters but the promoters and architects do not lack imagination to try to attract you at the bottom in this real paradise for tourists.

It’s in Zanzibar that the idea was dug

Located on the island of Pemba in Zanzibar, the Manta Resort has an underwater room. This is part of an ingenious floating structure. There are three levels. A deck where the boat drops you off and where is the location of the living room and bathroom. The top floor offers sun loungers to watch the stars at night.

But below sea level is the underwater chamber where fish pass your window. This time the humans are in the aquarium… If you are claustrophobic, you can stay in a thatched room in Makuti Sinon on the island of Pemba.
It is nevertheless a spacious villa with an isolated terrace which has a private beach and an outdoor swimming pool.

The Conrad Rangali Hotel in Maldives had already done it…

Le Conrad on Rangali Island in the Maldives had already submerged a restaurant. The underwater restaurant is surrounded by « coral gardens » and guests can discover giant rays and sharks from their tables. The Ithaa Undersea restaurant organizes your six-course dinner with caviar, foie gras, lobster and other delicacies. Dinner is not given, it is necessary to count at least 350 euros per person.

Conrad Rangali adds an underwater residence

The hotel announced the flooding of a new underwater residence that is named « The Muraka » and is scheduled for completion by the end of the year.
at the end of 2018. Muraka’s translation into dhivehi would be » coral « .
Stefano Ruzza, General Manager of Conrad Maldives Rangali said: « We are delighted to present to our future customers the unique experience of sleeping at night and underwater, offering them the extraordinary seascape of the Maldives « . The residence can accommodate 9 people.

An ambitious project carried out by New Zealanders

The same New Zealand company had designed the underwater restaurant (Fitzroy Engineering). It is now an imposing structure which is deposited 5m below the sea. But the residence will not be completely submerged; the two-level structure will have a higher level and an underwater suite. Under the water, you will find a king-size bedroom, a sitting area, a bathroom and a spiral staircase leading to the upper floor.

Upstairs, you will find a double bedroom, a bathroom, a shower room, a gym, a butler’s corner, a private security corner, a lounge, a kitchen, a bar and a dining room. The upper level has a relaxation bridge and measures 550 meters square. The images of the future rooms are spectacular with a very wide underwater view.

If we are concerned about the well-being of tourists, the Maldivians are still in the midst of a political crisis and this will not be resolved tomorrow. Since the Chinese ally showed the muscles, we no longer hear international criticism. Maybe there are more hot topics.

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