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Laos : The electronic tourist visa will be available next month

Initially announced for this month, the Laotian authorities will propose to obtain the electronic tourist visa next month. The government portal where future visa applicants can apply online will only be operational in July but is already available at https://evisa.gov.la [1]

After Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand (which aim to dematerialize its recent consular eVisa process in the near future), this newcomer from Southeast Asia will be presented :

Who will be eligible to obtain an eVisa ?
All nationalities will be eligible to obtain an electronic visa, with the exception of nations with visa waiver agreements.

How to claim the eVisa ?
Once on the government portal, the applicant will have to fill in a short questionnaire (personal and stay information), insert online a copy of page 2 of his passport as well as his passport photo and then pay the visa fees by Visa or Mastercard.

How much does the eVisa cost ?
The electronic visa should be more expensive than the visa obtained from the embassy or upon arrival in the country. The government website indicates that the service fee will be $15 in addition to the consular fee (currently between $30 and $35).

What types of eVisas will be available ?
In the beginning, the Laotian authorities will only offer the tourist visa, other types will be added later.

How long does it take to obtain the eVisa ?
According to the Laotian authorities, the electronic visa will be issued, after online payment and government approval, within a maximum of three working days.

What will be the validity of the eVisa ?
The Lao electronic visa will be valid for 60 days upon receipt of the approval letter for a maximum stay of 30 days. Only one entry will be allowed.