Iran to offer electronic visa in May 2018

The Iranian authorities wish to abolish the paper visa in favour of electronics.

Last week, a conference was held in Tehran on key issues such as value added tax, marketing and tourism infrastructure, in the presence of cultural leaders, legislators and local tour operators.

During this event, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Consular, Parliamentary Affairs and Expatriates, Mr. Hassan Qashqavi, announced that the country »will end paper visas in 74 consulates around the world, as it is a time and energy consuming process in the modern world of electronic services ! ».

This statement was followed last Friday by a new announcement by Mr. Qashqavi on Iran’s future visa policy: » We declare that we will lift the visa regime for any country that respects our passport ! However, we will remain vigilant as to infiltration into the country by « enemies » because according to the Guide of the Revolution, Mr. Ali Khamenei, the danger of infiltration always exists… ».

Will 2018 be the year of visa exemption for French tourists? Will French travellers benefit from the next e-Visa? See you in the coming months to know the formalities that will be available to you to (re)discover the Persian Gulf.

Remember that French travellers who wish to travel to Iran must currently obtain a visa either before departure from the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran (up to 30 days / 50.00€).

However, applicants for this type of visa must register their fingerprints with the Consular Service before submitting their visa application.

Travellers can also obtain their visa upon arrival at the airports (30 days / 75,00€). For an arrival at the International Airport Imam-Khomeini, the steps can be started before departure, in order to save time on arrival

According to the 2017 World Economic Forum report on travel and tourism competitiveness, Iran ranked 38th in the « cultural resources and business travel » category, 89th in the « air transport infrastructure » category and 116th in the « tourism services infrastructure » category.

For further information or details, please contact the company Actions-Visa on

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