In Hawaii, volcanic sunrises, sunsets on the beach

Hawai’i, the volcanic archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean can count on its fascinating sunrises and sunsets against a backdrop of waterfalls, beaches and canyons.

Get up early to watch the sun transform the night sky into a range of red, pink and orange shades or enjoy the spectacle that the evening sky offers when it still changes color and projects a warm glow.

Travellers looking for a romantic seaside setting can choose from hundreds of beaches and multicoloured bays (white, red or black sands) on the six idyllic islands, while those looking for more remote views can opt for hikes on dormant volcanoes or find a secluded spot in the canyons.

Watch the sunrise over Haleakala: Maui

Rising over 3,000 metres above sea level and covering more than 75 % of Maui, the sunrise from Haleakala volcano is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Literally translated as « house of the sun », travellers can visit the national park, climb to the top between 3 and 7 am to watch the sunrise over the clouds. Despite the tropical weather all year round in Hawaii, visitors should be warned that temperatures at the top of the mountain can drop 30 degrees, highlighting the many microclimates of the destination.

Aperitifs and sunsets on Waikiki beach: O’ahu

Waikiki’s iconic beach is a must for every first visit to Hawaii. Located on the south coast of the island, the world famous beach is not only the birthplace of surfing, it also offers a panoramic view of Diamond Head. Home to many hotels, restaurants and bars, the lively seaside resort is the ideal place to have an aperitif and watch the sun disappear. For early risers looking to enjoy the sunrise over O’ahu, an easy hike along the south coast will take you to the historic Makapu’u Lighthouse.

Sweetheart Rock: Lana’i

Located between Manele Bay and Hulupo’e Bay on Lana’i, hikers can climb to the Pu’u Pehe Viewpoint to discover the giant 25 metre islet rising from the sea. The sunset provides the perfect lighting to admire the iconic islet and lucky visitors can be rewarded and spot dolphins playing offshore. Nicknamed « Sweetheart Rock », the island is an integral part of Hawaiian culture and ends the day with a romantic touch.
Jurassic Park and sunset: Kaua’i

On the archipelago’s oldest island, Kaua’i or « Garden Island », one of the best ways to see the sunset is to sail with one of the many companies that offer sailing trips along the impressive Napali coast. In addition to sunset, travellers can also admire the magnificent scenery and cliff formations used in Jurassic Park movies, as well as in some scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean movies. For those who visit the island during whale season (November to March), a sunset cruise could be a good way to approach these magnificent mammals !

Coconut Beach Park: Moloka’i

Planted in the 19th century, under the reign of King Kamehameha V, the Kapuaiwa Coconut Beach Park has hundreds of coconut trees. Their abundance along the south coast of the island makes it possible to obtain sublime photos of the sunrise, perfect for Instagram. The surrounding shallow waters reflect the colours of the sky, allowing budding photographers to capture a typical Hawaiian paradise image.

Hawaiian Sunset Saturday: Big Island of Hawai’i

On the last Saturday of each month, travellers and locals are invited to gather at the Coconut Grove Marketplace on Ali’i Drive, near Kona, to watch the sunset and enjoy an evening of entertainment. Hawaiian live music, hula dancers and traditional entertainment fill the market as the sun sets over Kona.

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