Czech Republic scores points in Golf

Another superb golf in Czech Republic that, we must admit here, we did not know. It was our friend Richard Soubielle who told us about it. He is a true specialist in many countries from Central Europe in Kamchatka and the Baltic Republics to the steppes of Central Asia. But today we are going to focus on golf from Konopiště.

Not less than three golf courses there

Konopiště is located 40 km from Prague. It is said to be one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Czech Republic (inaugurated in 2002).
There are two 18-hole courses and a 9-hole public course.

These grounds are very well integrated in the hilly landscape surrounded by woods and crossed by water obstacles and small bunkers. There are 50 golf carts with GPS available.
The field is perfect for beginners or those who need a short game practice. It’s a par 29. It is possible to have training by an instructor.

The first course named Radecky

The Radecky course at Konopiště is carved through impressive woods. The route extends up to 6.5 km. The Radecky was built to European PGA standards. It is very practicable for those with low disabilities.

For many players, Radecky is very stimulating. John Burns, the commissioner of the European Association of Professional Golf Players, collaborated in the realization and Frantisek Stepan, was charged to build it. The name « Radecky » is the name of one of the authentic owners of the manor, famous Marshal of the Napoleonic Wars (Vaclav Radecky of Radec)

The second is the Estepath

Like the Radecky, it’s a par 72. It is slightly longer than 6 km. So it’s a pretty manageable target. But the course has some surprises in store. Fairways are sometimes tightly closed by the impressive wooded area of the estate, so it is often prudent to play carefully. According to the players, Este’s course can be more boring than Radecky.

Le Golf Resort Hotel Konopiště

The hotel was originally a castle. It is surrounded by the large golf course. The famous castle of Konopiště is only 1.5 km away.

The Golf Resort Hotel Konopiště is elegantly furnished, the rooms have satellite TV, minibar and bathroom with shower and bath. The hotel offers a garden with a well exposed terrace and a playground for children.

The restaurant of the Golf Resort Hotel Konopiště serves Czech and international cuisine. BBQ evenings are organized in summer. According to customer comments, the welcome is very friendly.

A chance to discover Prague

Prague can be reached in less than 45 minutes by car and Benešov main station is 15 minutes away by car. There are a thousand reasons to visit Prague. In addition to monuments and museums, the streets of Josefov, Prague’s old Jewish quarter, where the old synagogues and cemetery are one of Europe’s most beautiful religious heritages, should not be forgotten. Artists in Prague are exhibited everywhere.

There are many bars and you will surely taste an excellent Czech beer. It is the most economical drink and it is not uncommon for many Europeans to celebrate their stag and hen parties in Prague!

You can go to the site – you will discover an impressive quantity of offers in the eastern countries. Konopiště golf is visible on

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