Are travels better for your libido in 2016 ?

The biggest condom manufacturers and organisations such as Alternet. org take regular worldwide surveys about sexuality. Their ranking changes from year to year but it is unfortunately necessary to say that the French and their libido are not at the top of these surveys. It’s too bad as some tourists are influenced by this type of information …

The most sexually liberated countries are favoured.

Countries which are socially more liberal towards sex benefit from a population with a tendency to have a lower rating in terms of sexually transmitted diseases. They also have a more satisfactory sexual life.

Criteria which we wish upon you

The criteria upon which these suverys are based are: love and mutual respect between partners; stress; the ability to orgasm; sexual freedom; mental and physical health; intercourse and forplay frequency. A study in 2014 revealed that socio economic status can affect the levels of sexual satisfaction.

The Americans are not favored although they have sexual icons

Despite the fact that they have a superpower status and have cinema icons mainely used for their charm. In the past, the prettiest one was surely Marilyn Monroe. Today, there are actresses like Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Penelope Cruz …or George Clooney for male actors. Yet the country remains puritanical and the level of sexual satisfaction is mediocre.

According to the survey, 48 % of Americans claim to have a satisfying sexual life.

A completely surprising ranking

The first 12 countries on the list have citizens who partake in sexual relations at least once a week. France unfortunately does not appear on the list. Here’s hoping it will in 2016 !

But let’s reassure ourselves, the English and the Americans also do not make the list.

1st country: Switzerland

Whether it be their progressive views on legal prostitution, the popularity of allowed brothels, a liberal point of vue on the pornography, or thanks to sex education that starts at nursery school, one thing is for sure: Switzerland is very often well ranked.

A 2013 study revealed that 21 % of Swiss nationals evaluate their sexual performance and their sexual life as very good.

Thirty-two people in one hundred have even had intercourse in public places. It is quite hot in Switzerland ! What a discovery !

2nd country: Spain 

You do not believe these statistics ? You may as well ask the Spanish themselves.

A quarter of the Spanish population evaluate their sexual performances as excellent. Indeed, a recent study on 9.850 people revealed that 90 % men and women were sexually satisfied.

Unsurprisingly, their levels of sexual satisfaction heightened over time with a stable partner compared to one night stands. It’s a well known fact that the Spanish have many nudist beaches. Homosexual marriage was accepted without any hostile response. There are many more criteria that confirm that the Spanish like sex.

3rd country: Italy 

For Italians, sexual seduction starts at the dinner table because food and sex are inextricably linked. It could be the reason why the Italians are considered to be among the best lovers of the world. Italian women also seem satisfied by their sexual life. According to the survey, 64 % men and women in Italy qualified their sexual life as satisfactory.

4th country: Brazil 

The Brazilian men would be considered to be the best second lovers in the world after the Spanish. Brazilian women are none the less appealing. The Brazilians are on the list as very sexually satisfied nation. 82 % of Brazilians would seem to have sexual relations at least once a week. It would also seem that Brazilians loose their virginity very early …

5th country: Greece 

The Greeks would seem to be less uptight than others when discussing their sexual desires. In fact, the Greeks have been speaking about it for centuries. In the fourth century before our time, Hippocrate specifically spoke about the inevitability of sexual desire. He thought that good communication leads to a better sexual life. Of course, the nice weather, beautiful islands and healthy eating are all advantages for these desires. The Durex survey claims that the Greeks have the most intercourse in the world (164 times during an average year). 51 % of them are to be sexually satisfied.

6th country: The Netherlands 

The Netherlands have a reputation as being one of the most progressive countries in the world.

It is not particularly due to Amsterdam’s red light district or to the joints; it is mainly the result of open sex education politics . Basically, 64 % men and women are more open about sex overall. Holland only has a 5,3 teenage birth rate for 1 000 compared to the 39,1 for 1000 in the United States. Abortions are low in numbers. HIVvirus progresses less than in other big countries. This is all thanks to good outgoing information and particularly thanks to a sex education that starts from childhood.

7th country: Mexico 

It’s surprising. It could be possible to believe the Mexicans rather puritanical. Nevertheless, it would seem that the country’s inhabitants rank among the first on sexual satisfaction. 63 % couples claim to have a sexual life in full bloom. In 2008, the city of Mexico City gave out more than 700 000 textbooks on sex education to high schools. These books talked about birth control, abortion and homosexuality. Moreover, sex workers in half of the country’s states are not reprimanded by law. The remaining problem, is the sexual exploitation of children.

It is of course an offence, not only in Mexico but in most of the world.

8th country: India

Despite the fact that Indians wait longer to have sexual relations for the first time, the country has always been ranked, in the past years, among the most satisfied nation sexually. There are many theories as to Indians’ sexual happiness. It is said that Indians like to draw out sexual pleasure because the trip is more important than the destination !

The process of seduction as well as foreplay compared to other countries is longer. Yet another study reveals that Indians are the fastest in their sexual relation (13 minutes). For 61 % of Indians their sexual life is satisfactory.

9th country: Australia 

65 % of Australians brag about having had sexual relations on the road. Although it necessary to underline that the country is huge and they spend many hours in their car.

According to a big magazine, Australians are also very likely to fantasize about a threesome (20 %). The Australians must jump like kangaroos do because they have had an average of 25 sexual partners.

10th country: Nigeria

According to Durex, Nigeria is ranked number one in terms of sexual satisfaction with 67 % of its population claming «sexual gratification». Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that Nigerians would seem have the longest relations (24mn). Nigerian women were also ranked as being the most unfaithful in the world with a 62 % rate. These statistic can be surprising as there is a large number of Islamic extremism in this country. They avoid speaking about homosexuality.

11th country: Germany 

Germany gives the most complete sex education in the entire world. 32 % of Germans claim to have had a one night stand and 30 % have had intercourse in a public place. Like other European countries, Germans rate their sexual performance as very good. However, some studies show that Germans would be the worst lovers. If you have any opinions on this subject, do not hesitate to write to us !

12th country: China 

If the People’Republic is one of the most conservative societies in the world, a lot seems to be happening behind the closed doors. The population has more weekly sex than any other nation (78 % at least once week).

There have been online boutiques " sex toys " for about 10 years. There is even a Sexpo in Shanghai.

France needs to be part of the 2016 ranking. We wish it from the bottom of our hearts ! Take advantage and go out … but cover up !!

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