How to pack like a pro

Are you planning to go on a trip soon?
The most effective way to pack.
Basic advice: limit yourself to two pieces of luggage (a roller bag and a shoulder bag or backpack) so you don’t get too crowded.

8 tips to optimize the space in our luggage
1. Start with the clothes. Everything will obviously depend on the length of your trip and the destination. Then, choose more highs (one per day) than lows (that you can wear several times) by making sure you can coordinate them (attention to colors and patterns).
For a one-week trip, here’s what you can take with you:

1 pair of pants or jeans
1 skirt (and/or shorts)
2 dresses (one casual for the day, one more dressed for the evening)
1 second warm layer (sweater, vest or jacket)
1 third layer windproof and waterproof
3 pairs of shoes: one comfortable and closed, one pair of sandals, one pair dressed for the evening

Underwear and socks
1 pyjama or nightgown
1 bathing suit (whether for holidays or not, the hotel can always have a swimming pool)
2. Optimize storage in the suitcase. The secret to storing a maximum of them without crumpling everything is the folding of your clothes that you can combine with « packing cubes » or storage covers to create compartments by theme (high, low, etc.) or by day.
Place fragile items between clothing to absorb shocks (place front in freezer bags if liquids).
Put your shoes in plastic bags (and put small items in the shoes to save space).

3. Take the perfect toilet kit with you. In this matter, we always take too much. Try to keep yourself to a minimum. Especially for liquid products (with containers not exceeding 100 ml if you do not put your luggage in the hold) which must fit in a transparent bag of 1 liter. We’ll think about:
A toothbrush
Deodorant (non-aerosol)
A small brush/comb
A moisturizing face and body cream
Some make-up products and cleansing wipes
Sunscreen (unless your moisturizer already includes protection)
A possible mosquito repellent
Sanitary towels/tampons just in case.

4. Create a space dedicated to your travel essentials.
Whether it’s a drawer or a shelf in your closet, create a space where you can store the essentials so you can get your hands on it when you go on a last-minute trip:
Charging cable for your smartphone
Sleep mask
Universal electrical adapter and multi USB plug
External battery (charged)
Sheet where are listed all basic contacts (family, insurance, bank…)
Photocopy of the identity document (to keep in the suitcase)
Support stockings (if travelling by plane)
Pack of tissues
Small basic pharmacy in a transparent plastic bag (aspirin, bandages, anti-diarrhea…)
Pair of sunglasses
All this must be stored in the same place so as not to forget anything.

5. Choose carefully what you put in your carry-on baggage.
Take with you everything you will need during the flight: earplugs, mask, headphones, book or electronic reader, smartphone and cable to recharge it, external battery, magazine, pen (useful for completing formalities on arrival). Also keep your valuables with you (money, computer…). If you are concerned that your suitcase may be lost, bring an airbag and a change of clothes.

To check before leaving on a trip
The expiry date of your identity card or passport
Authorization by your bank to use your payment card abroad
The presence of identification labels on your luggage
Are your vaccines up to date?
Do you need an international driving licence? If so, the prefecture may issue one
Useful applications on your smartphone :
translator, exchange rates, maps (Google Maps with download of the destination area in case of no connection, for example)

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